"Maybe we need to think like Stiles."

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Going to be gone for the next couple days. Mentally I am not okay and I am constantly upset and I need to be away from everything, including here, which seems to make me feel worse. A queue is set up, 4 posts a day.

I’ll be back again when I’m okay.

“Race is constant. You’re tired of hearing about it? Imagine how fucking exhausting it is living it.”

— Jon Stewart addressing Fox News’s (white) correspondents whining about hearing about race issues in the United States (via recklessinsanity)


let’s be real, if jackson was still in beacon hills during season three he would’ve run dark stiles over with his lamborghini


realizing you’re nobody’s best friend or favourite person is actually so sad


Scott Mccall + outfits in ss3



I will be doing these challenges instead of my own challenge.

Who wants to join me? Starting tonight.

Like this or message me if you want to join in.

And message me about your progress over the next 30 days!

If you’re already doing your own exercise routine or challenge, let me know how it’s going! I’d love to hear. 


Do these challenges with me :-)

teen wolf + tilt shift 3/?


Source If you want more facts, follow Ultrafacts


Source If you want more facts, follow Ultrafacts



sometimes i look at people on my dash and i think

who the fuck are you

when did i follow you

you’re not posting things relative to my interests

but i can’t unfollow you becasue i can’t remember why i did

it might have been important

This is the most accurate post I have ever seen on here.